Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

Hair is not only important socially (especially on the head and face), but it functions to give protection, provide sensation, offer insulation, and portray sexual communication. Hair problems on the scalp are major problems that people seek help with.

On average, there are roughly 100,000 hair follicles on a scalp. This varies by hair color. The density also varies by ethnicity. While most scalp hair is in Anagen (or growth) phase, there is < 1% of hair in Catagen (or shedding), which leads to ~50-200 hairs/day to be shed.

At Michigan Dermatology Institute, we are very serious about alopecia (the medical term for hair loss). We work with you to develop a plan, with the most up-to-date science, to maintain and strengthen the hair on your head. We have dedicated our resources to provide professional strength hair care products alongside our medical treatments to maximize your results. The quicker we can start gaining control, the better the possibilities, so don’t wait to make your appointment today.

Hair Loss treatment in Michigan

Q: What is causing me to lose my hair?

A: Many factors play a role in hair loss, with genetics and environmental exposures being two key factors. Other contributors include hormones, stress (both physical and emotional), systemic disease and medications. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive evaluation and plan for your loss, so call us today.

Q: What is with all of these hair loss products that I hear about on TV and in the stores?

A: There are millions of women and men suffering from hair loss, making it a very promising opportunity to help people who suffer. Over-the-counter products are available and several can be effective, depending on your alopecia type. From supplements to shampoos to serums, a thorough discussion of these options is important to us to have with you so you don’t go and waste all of your money without getting results.