Lipomas Treatment


Lipomas, or localized overgrowths of the fat under the skin, can occur anywhere on the body where fat insulates the skin. They are typically “squishy” feeling and a lot of times do not have a sharp border. These are not as common as cysts, but can still grow and become painful. Fortunately, they are benign, but can rarely transform into problematic cancerous lesion.

At Michigan Dermatology Institute, we prefer to know for sure what the growth is and also get rid of it at the same time before it causes a functional issue, pain or becomes a cancer. Some of these spots become too big to perform treatment in the office, but if treated early enough we can spare you from a much larger, hospital-based procedure. Call us today for an in-person evaluation.

Lipoma treatment in Michigan

Q: Why did this lipoma develop in me?

A: We don’t have a full understanding as to why some people get these growths, while most people do not ever grow one. There are some conditions where families get these, but most of the spots develop without a fully understood cause. Fortunately, they are usually not a problem, but it can cause functional issues and pain.

Q: What kinds of treatments are available for lipomas?

A: The options include observation (no treatment) or a subcutaneous excision to remove the spot and test it under the microscope. Most of the time this can be performed in the office as an outpatient surgery, but if it’s too big or in a sensitive area, we sometimes refer to a plastic surgeon to have it performed in a hospital. The important thing is to understand the risks, benefits and expectations of each treatment option.