The saying “what’s old is new again” applies to this safe, effective and time-tested procedure. Microneedling offers a reliable, convenient and powerful method to enhance the appearance of your skin. Whether it’s pores, anti-aging, scarring, discolorations, or photodamage this procedure delivers the results you’re looking for. The popularity of this procedure, combined with PRP sometimes (known as the “vampire facial”), has exploded over the last few years because of the efficacy, cost and ability to improve the skin without the damaging effects of other similar treatments. Call us today to learn more about microneedling for you or your loved ones!

Q: How does microneedling work?

A: Microneedling is performed in-office with a pen-like device with multiple, small needle tips designed to make specific channels in the skin that cause a non-inflammatory wound healing mechanism. These micro-holes in the skin allow for the body to stimulate the formation of collagen deeper in the skin and turn over the top layer of the skin to enhance both the firmness and complexion at the same time. During and after the procedure it is important to apply appropriate skincare products to maximize the results.

Michigan Dermatology Institute Microneedling

Q: Why is microneedling so popular?

A: The popularity stems from the fact that social media influencers prefer this treatment for their skin and share their experiences. The reason people are choosing this procedure is the safety, convenience and effectiveness it provides. This procedure is safe for ALL SKIN TYPES, including darker complexion patients. The convenience of having a dedicated elegant treatment in-office done on you, versus trying to find the time and location at home with your busy life lets you escape and enjoy yourself for a little bit. Lastly the effectiveness is what matters, and this procedure delivers without giving that “done” look.

Q: What are the expectations for this procedure?

A: This procedure does require several days of downtime and meticulous skincare. Typically, we recommended a starter boost of three treatments every 4 weeks. After completing this, maintenance treatments once every 3-6 months will help sustain the benefits. Everyone is a little different, so sometimes maintenance treatments need to tailor to your specific goals. There is the option of including PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) to this procedure for an added benefit.

Q: When are treatments available?

A: Treatments are available Monday thru Friday and one Saturday/month during clinic hours. Our board-certified dermatologist performs the 1st treatment on you so that your individual treatments are medically conveyed to our certified technicians. Because of the safety and science, we are proud to offer this to our patients. Call today to learn more about this wonderful treatment option!