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A majority of Americans will suffer with acne at some point in their lifetime, including adolescence and adulthood. Currently there is an epidemic of acne in adult females, but everyone is at risk. Acne has an individual presentation in everyone, but there are many similarities it shares, making treatment possible for all. Common locations include the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders and common acne lesions include whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts. The most devastating consequence of untreated acne is scarring and discolored skin, which can last for years, and has a detrimental effect on people’s mental well-being.

At Michigan Dermatology Institute, acne is our passion. We pride ourselves on preventing the devastating consequences of this condition, and making you feel confident in your own skin. We promote a customized approach to treat your acne, which starts with a thorough medical evaluation. Call today to schedule your appointment, and let’s get your skin back to where you want it.

A: Yes, acne can have both physical and mental consequences if left untreated. The skin can have discolorations, and even worse scarring. Active acne and the scars/discolorations it causes has been shown to have a very devastating effect on self-esteem in both adolescents and adults.

A: Many factors play a role in the development of acne. Internally we know that hormones, inflammation, bacteria that live on our skin and our pores all contribute to the formation of acne lesions. Externally, picking at spots, skin products with ingredients known to cause acne, certain activities and sometimes foods can all make acne worse. A thorough discussion of triggers is necessary to get control.

A: The short answer is no, but we have many very effective treatments available and coming in the future to get us closer to a cure. Usually a combination approach of medical and procedural treatments will provide a more rapid and sustain effect on your acne. Medical approaches include over-the-counter and prescription strength topical therapies, oral supplements and prescription-based therapies, and “acne surgery” performed in office by a dedicated acne professional. Procedures including acne surgery, light and laser therapies, and hydrafacials all work to enhance the medical treatment benefits.

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