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Moles are brown, and sometimes pink or flesh-colored, growths on the body that form during the first half of one’s life. It is taught that your moles can develop until your 40’s and from there either stay or go away. Moles can be removed for many reasons, most important of which is to rule out Melanoma skin cancer. At Michigan Dermatology Institute, mole removal can occur by several methods depending on the location on the skin, the size/shape of the mole and preferred method that you and we agree on. If you have a mole that you are looking to get rid of, call us today to schedule an appointment!

A: Moles can be shaved off, literally, or cut out and stitched back together. Again, the method depends on multiple factors of the mole and healing preferences. In many instances we can perform these procedures on the same day, so call or email us today for an evaluation of your spots!

A: If shaving the spot off is the method we choose to perform, it is usually a quick in-office procedure with relatively easy wound healing instructions and is without restrictions. The decision to send the spot off to the microscope for analysis will be made by us together at your appointment. If we decide to cut the spot out, the requires more time in the office for removal and stitching the skin back together. All of this can be done under local anesthesia, no need to be sedated or in a hospital setting where it will be more costly. The post-procedure period is more involved with wound healing and downtime, of which we will give you thorough instructions.

A: Yes, sometimes moles can cause other problems on your skin aside from the worry about being cancer. If your moles are itchy, getting traumatized, in an area subject to recurrent trauma or interrupting bodily function, have recurrent infections from in-grown hairs, or just growing, we can get rid of them.

A: Treatments are available Monday thru Friday and one Saturday/month during our clinic hours. Our board-certified dermatologist performs the treatment on you. We look forward to seeing you!

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