Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

Hidradenitis Suppurativa, or HS, is one of the most disabling conditions of the skin, with a disability index equal to cancer, diabetes, COPD and heart failure. This condition happens as boils and abscesses develop in the body folds (back of the ears/neck, arm pits, under the breasts, lower abdomen, groin, buttocks and inner thighs) and are associated with severe pain and scarring. Unfortunately, it is chronic, so appropriately aggressive treatment early on and for the long term is a necessity to not let this destroy not just the skin, but the entire quality of life.

At Michigan Dermatology Institute, we completely empathize with you and take your condition extremely serious. HS is an extremely difficult condition. It is associated with multiple problems include arthritis, depression, pain, psychosexual dysfunction, heart attacks and even cancer. We are here for you and want to make your journey as free of flares and pain as possible, call today as this condition does not wait to destroy your skin and your life.

A: HS is not an infection of the skin, though appropriate skin care is crucial to help manage it. This condition is a combination of hair follicles that are not functioning optimally, and the body’s immune system have an over-reactive response. Too much cleaning and prolonged exposure to antibiotics, though short term can help, long term will make this condition even worse.

A: Fortunately, both the field of Dermatology and the pharmaceutical companies are taking a sincere interest in this condition, so we have many current and future highly effective treatments available. Topical treatment involves avoiding triggers, appropriate skin care and prescription medications. Systemic treatments are recommended once scarring and pain have occurred, to reduce future flares and thereby calming down the pain and reducing future scar development. The best treatment is early and appropriately aggressive, so the devastating consequences on untreated HS do not develop. Call today and let’s go started together.

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