Melanoma Treatment

Melanoma is a very serious skin cancer with deadly consequences if not detected early enough. The majority of these spots are brown or black in color, but a minority of them can be pink or flesh colored. A lot of times these spots will grow, change color, bleed or itch. While many people have a history of significant ultraviolet exposure (sun and tanning beds), sometimes these develop in areas where the sun doesn’t usually shine.

At Michigan Dermatology Institute, we are adamant about the prevention and early detection of these lesions. We do not want to let these grow and spread, and experience severe consequences. We are passionate about your skin staying healthy and cancer free, so don’t wait to schedule your appointment before it’s too late.

A: The first step is to make an appointment for an in-person evaluation of the spot. Usually a biopsy the same day can occur, and it takes several days to have it evaluated under the microscope by someone experienced with these spots. We will call you with the results and discuss the appropriate treatment for your spot.

A: Research has shown that after being diagnosed with melanoma, there is an increased risk of developing another one. Fortunately, developing melanoma is still unlikely, but the incidence is increasing exponentially. It is important to have life-long follow-up with skin checks to prevent and detect any spots earlier than later.

A: Unfortunately, having a melanoma increases the risk of the family of getting melanoma. Annual skin exams are recommended for all first-degree family members to help with early detection.

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