By far the most popular cosmetic procedure amongst women of all ages is Microblading. This procedure involves the art of creating naturally thicker eyebrows in the design and boldness of your preference. Microblading is the process of fashioning an ideal eyebrow shape and inserting a semi-permanent tattoo ink to give a more natural appearance. With very little downtime and results that deliver, this service was easy to incorporate for our patients! We are so excited to offer this to our patients at Michigan Dermatology Institute. Call us today to get the eyebrows of your dreams!

A:Microblading is the process of restoring or creating a fuller, bolder, fashionable eyebrow that fits your face. The first step is medical clearance from our board-certified dermatologist, which not many other microblading places can offer in-house. After receiving medical clearance, a detailed and symmetric designing of your ideal contour and shape is confirmed. After the numbing medication sets in, delicate strokes of micro-droplets of tattoo pigment are carefully placed into the skin. This is a highly specialized and regulated procedure and a licensed and trained professional is a necessity.

A: Eyebrows convey power, seriousness and strength to your look. A procedure that is minimally invasive, safe and effective at enhancing such an important part of your face became available and naturally it became a hit. Here at Michigan Dermatology Institute, this is performed by a licensed and trained microblading artist under the medical clearance of a board-certified dermatologist.

A: Although Microblading (Beauty-Angel Brand) is effective in most cases, no guarantee can be made that a specific client will benefit from the procedure. All instruments which enter the skin or come in contact with body fluids are disposable and disposed of after the visit. Cross contamination guidelines are strictly adhered to. Generally, the results are excellent. However, a perfect result is not a realistic expectation during the first appointment. It is usual to expect a touch up 6 weeks later after healing is completed. Initially the color will appear much more vibrant or darker compared to the end result. Usually within 7 days the color will fade 40-50%, soften and look more natural. The pigment is semi-permanent and will fade over time and will likely need to be touched up once or twice a year.

A: Treatments are available on Tuesday and Wednesday and one Saturday/month during clinic hours. Our licensed and trained microblading artist performs the treatments under the medical supervision and care from our board-certified dermatologist. Because of the safety, satisfaction and demand of this service, we are proud to offer this to our patients. Call today to learn more about this wonderful treatment option for your eyebrows!

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