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At some point everyone will deal with a skin rash, whether it’s quick like poison ivy, foot fungus or an irritant contact dermatitis, or it’s chronic like psoriasis, HS or atopic dermatitis. It is important to have a Dermatologist who specializes in rashes. At Michigan Dermatology Institute, we have been designated as “rash” doctors by our peers because of our expertise. We are committed to giving you a diagnosis, treatment and expectations with whatever rash you are dealing with. The next time you have a rash and don’t know what it is or you can’t get rid of it with something in the drug store, call us for a same day appointment.

A: Rashes are not always simple to diagnose and find the correct treatment. It starts with a thorough history and physical examination. This will help us with either getting you the answer or limit the possibilities. Sometimes, a biopsy is necessary, and possibly bloodwork, to help in our diagnostic process. A treatment will always be recommended so that we can make sure you are getting this taken care of immediately.

A: Yes, the biggest thing is to remember everything about your rash and what you’ve tried.

Where did it start?

Did it move to different parts of your body?

Have you had this rash before?

Does anyone else in the house have a similar rash?

In terms of treatments, what helped and what didn’t, don’t use cortisone before your evaluation because it could make the rash appear different and it could delay a biopsy if medically necessary. If itch is a part of the rash, over the counter sarna (or something else similar without a steroid) is recommended to soothe that itch.

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